19th June – D-Day for Golf-Course Land – Please Join Us


A hearing in Trowbridge Civic Centre on Wednesday 19th June will almost certainly determine the fate of Bradford on Avon Golf-Course.
If you can get the day off, please join us at “Wiltshire Core Strategy, Examination in Public”, Wednesday 19th June at 11:00am. in Trowbridge Civic Centre.
• The “Examination in Public” is being conducted by a Government Planning Inspector.
• It will determine Wiltshire planning policy – including for the Golf Course Land – until 2026.
• If we lose here, the land will be built on. If we win, the land may be safeguarded from development.
• Bradford’s day is Wednesday 19th June.
On the Day, Bradford People and Councillors will Lobby people entering the inquiry. Hand-Out Leaflets reminding the enquiry team of our case – and of the three petitions each of over 1000 signatures.
As long as parliamentary business allows, Duncan Hames MP will back us on the day.

Please join us if you can!

Note1: We all like to think we are important, but the planning inspector is looking at the whole of planning policy for Wiltshire. This is taking place over a number of weeks. On Wednesday, Amesbury and Bradford on Avon will be dealt-with. We expect the Bradford on Avon session to start just after lunch, but we cannot afford to be late.

Note2: The inspector is not “making policy”, his (it is a he) job is to judge whether Wiltshire Council have done the job properly according to law, guidance etc. Wiltshire Council have written the “Core Strategy”. Barratt want the Core Strategy changed to allow development on the land which is the Golf-Course.

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Duncan Hames MP Signs Keep The Golf Course Green Petition

Keep the Golf Course Green campaigners had a welcome boost on Sunday when Duncan Hames signed their petition protesting at Barratt’s attempts to open up the land to building.
Mr Hames met campaigners at the Golf Course and pledged himself to the campaign to prevent Barratt from overturning Wiltshire Council’s draft Core Strategy when it goes before a planning inspector in May.
He reminded residents that this was the 3rd time in less than 5 years that developers had threatened the land.
Town Mayor John Potter also signed – as did Paul Skidmore, who was mayor the last time that the golf course was threatened.

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Stop Barratt Opening Up Bradford Golf Course To Development

Barratt the Builders have told Town Councillors that they intend to challenge Wiltshire Council’s draft Core Strategy when it goes before a planning inspector in May.
Barratt want the Core Strategy changed to allow building on the Golf Course!

Sign the petition in writing or electronically at http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/keepthegolfcoursegreen/

Write to “Wiltshire Council Core Strategy Team, Bythesea Road, Trowbridge” to demand that Wiltshire Council defends the golf-course from development in the Core Strategy.

Remind Wiltshire Council what they themselves said last time:

the site is contaminated

most commuters would travel north – making the town centre pollution worse,

access is inadequate.

Join the Campaign: ring: 07928 8880008

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